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We will not sell a product to you unless it has proven itself to us


We at Norlog supply many products used in the log home restoration process. Although we do not have our own crews that do this type of work, we can advise you on what needs to be done and how to do the work.  If you prefer to have it done by a professional, we can help connect you with the right people. Log restoration is a very specialized field where experience is key. If you think you have a problem with your log home, Please contact us.

Tips for finding the right contractor:

Don't get just one quote. Ask lots of questions and get a written bid from at least 3 contractors.  

Pick a contractor who specializes in log homes. Painting is NOT Staining, don't be fooled there is a huge difference between someone who can paint a house and someone who can stain your home. 

Don't let Price scare you.  You get what you pay for, the cheapest quote may not be the best. Remember this is your dream and protecting it is the most important part.  You might think you are saving a few hundred dollars now but that thought could cost you thousands down the road.

Go with your gut.  If for any reason you get a bad feeling about a contractor, don't hire them. You need to trust your contractor 100 percent not 95 percent this person and their team are going to be around your house for a week or more you have to be able to trust them.

Plan ahead, don't expect a contractor to start tomorrow. I good contractor is a busy contractor, log staining is a science and good contractors know that mother nature is in charge and not every day is a good day to stain.