Log Cleaning and Sanding

CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener

CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener benefits include:

Oxygenated bleach formula is gentle yet effective

Powder form is easy to transport - no spills along the way

Easy to mix and apply

Environmentally friendly - won't harm plant life

Safe to use around pets and kids



Kernel® Features

Dry blasting – no water forced into wood

Runs with both corn cob and crushed glass media

Industrial (185-220 cfm) air compressor necessary

PAPR respirator required with use

Buffy Pad System

Finish Sanding Made Easy


Non-woven steel-free pads – no rusting bits left behind on the wood

Three part system reduces equipment fatigue and costs less than integrated buffing pads

Gentle enough for even soft woods

Use with a variable speed grinder for efficient and easy work

Osborn® Brushes 

Finish. First.TM


Made with heat stabilized nylon filaments impregnated with Silicon Carbide for mess-free finish sanding and buffing

Long lasting – one or two brushes will remove felting from an average 2000 sq. ft. home

Use with a variable speed grinder for a consistent finish every time

Won’t leave circular patterns like orbital sanders

Available in 6” diameter, 1-1/2" cut, 80 grit

Osborn® is a registered trademark of Osborn International. Finish. First. Is a trademark of Osborn International.

5" Random Orbit Sander Abrasive Sandpaper

Fits 5" Random Orbit Sanders

6" Random Orbit Sander Abrasive Sandpaper

Fits 6" Random Orbit Sanders 

Aluminum-Oxide Resin Fibre Sanding Discs

Lasts up to 40X longer than abrasive sandpaper!

Aluminum-Oxide Grain

Aluminum-oxide grain offers an economical multi disc alternative and is ideal for general purpose applications

Ideal for use with non-ferrous metal, wood and plastic

Strip Discs

Ideal for sanding or polishing wood, surface preparation and more

4-3/4" Wheel Sander Accessories

Sanding, Finishing and Polishing Accessories

Fits Makita 4-3/4" Wheel Sander - Model No. 9741

Paper, Wire, Cotton and Nylon wheels available for various applications

Sanding Belt Cleaner

Prolongs the Life of Sanding Belts and Discs 

Measures Approximately 1" x 1" x 6"

Gentle movement across a rotating sanding belt or disc removes loaded wood dust from abrasive and returns belt to almost new condition.

Crepe Rubber Construction

Part No: 777777-A

Replacement Backing and Contour Pads for Makita Random Orbit Sanders