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  • Hot off the presses

    September 18, 2018
    We have some exciting news to share, Cheryl Reid Owner of Norlog Building Systems Ltd, Has written a book called Refiners Fire.  Refiners Fire is Co written by Both Cheryl and Ron and It tells the tale of their individual Journeys as well as their Journeys together.  Copies are available here at the office, or on just search Refiners Fire author Cheryl Reid.  Way to go Mom We are very Proud of you. 
  • Question of the Week

    June 18, 2018
    Today's Question comes from Dave,

    I'm looking for a product I can spray apply to my 10 year old log home to prevent bugs ?  I keep the exterior logs in great condition using Sascho stain and Cascasde clear every other year.  Do you offer a product like this or know of something I can purchase without going to a pesticide contractor ?

    I would suggest 3 things, first borate and there is no need to buy a large pail as your logs are already stained.  Go to your local grocery store and get a box of Borax and mix 1 cup of Borax with 1 Gallon of water.  I would mix it with hot water Borax is a course grind and dissolves better with hot water.  Now put this mix into a spray bottle and spray it (stream setting) into areas where you see bugs going into the logs.  DO NOT spray it all over your stain as it will only crystallize on the surface and make a mess.  


    The second thing you can do with the borate is mix up bate, however keep this away from Pets.  Mix a small amount of Borax 1/4 tea spoon or less with 2-3 Tablespoons of mint jelly, (Jam works too) mix it up well and put it in a small container.  Place the container in locations where you see a lot of ants/pests in the house BUT REMEMBER KEEP IT AWAY FROM ANY PETS.  Raid ant baits are very similar and contained if you don't want to mix your own or you have pets.


    Okay the third thing you can do and this one is easy go to your local hardware store and look for ORTHO Home Defense MAX in the pest control isle.  Usually in the seasonal isle at Lowes near there Garden Center.  The 5 liter bottle comes with a sprayer and all ready to go. Take the Ortho and spray around the foundation at ground level.  You will need to do this a few times a year.  Once a month or after a heavy rain.


    I hope that these tips help and good luck with the Bugs

  • Question Of the Day

    June 06, 2018
    So the question of the day is: How do I remove water marks from my logs? Well I found this on Google How to Remove Water Stains From Wood: 6 Tricks to Try |Reader's Digest  I know that One Customer has tried the salt method and had success.  
  • Annual Walk around

    May 08, 2018
    So I've talked a little about the walk around and what to look for on the house but with the recent storm that hit the Barrie area I thought I might take a second ad get you thinking outside the box.  When you are walking around the house do not for get to look at the trees and grading around the house.  When we clear a lot we thin the trees out to make room for our dream homes but when we do that we weaken the strength of the forest.  Think of it this way many many sticks in a bundle are strong but when we start removing sticks from the bundle it gets weaker.  Now that we have cleared the lot the forest that was once there is now weaker because the trees were breaking the wind together and the remaining trees are not use to the added wind pressure around them.  We may have also taken some of the root structure from those trees as well.  Keep an eye on them and if they start to grow over the house it might be time to call in a professional and have them removed.