Nour WoodCare Stain Brush

Features: 100mm (4 inch) x 15mm(9/16 inch), Fixed handle, and Mixed Bristles.

Ideal for both Oil and Latex stains.

Nour WoodCare Stain Brush

Features: 100mm (4") x 25mm (1"),  6" removable handle, Threaded for pole attachment.  

Ideal for both Oil and Latex stains

Nour WoodCare Stain Brush

Features: 140mm (5.5inch) x 40mm (1-1/2"),  6" removable handle for pole attachment, Mixed Bristle Design. 

Ideal for Oil and Latex stains

Jen Foam Brushes

Made from high quality German foam these brushes stand up to riggers of chinking.   

Sizes, 1", 2", 3", and 4"

Wood Handles Threaded Metal Tips

Threaded Metal Tip

Super smooth (Stained and urethane finish)

5 sizes (12",48", 54", 60", 72")

The Painters Club

24″ handle with threaded metal tip.

Laminated Drop Cloth

Leak Proof Protection of Floors

Canvas Weave Construction Side Up

Plastic Lamination Side Down

Fold and Stitch on All Side for Superior Alignment Against Wall

Very Unlikely for Ends to Rip or Unfurl

Clean and Shed Resistant


For rollers and larger brushes, remove plastic insert.


Filament Type: Polyester

Surface Type: Wood (primed), Drywall (primed), Masonry Block, Plaster (primed), Stucco

Brush Type: Angular Sash

Handle Style: Sash Handle

Flex: Firm