With almost 100 years of history the Makita Corporation like us came from humble beginnings.  Over the years we have found Makita tool to be top quality tools that are built for the jobsite, while other tool companies have sacrificed quality to make money Makita has continued to develop only the best quality tools.  Makita's customer service teem are amazing, they have proven to us that they truly care about our business and most importantly they care about you the customer.  

18v LITHIUM-ION XPT (Extreme Protection Technology)

Model No: DDF486Z

18V 1/2" Cordless Drill

Variable Speed, Reversible, Electric Brake

Up to 1,155in. lbs. Max Fastening Torque


Model No: DCG180ZB

18V 600ml Bulk Caulking Gun

Anti-Drip Function, Variable Speed

Tool Only

Model No: DBO180Z

18v 5" Random Orbit Sander

3-Stage Speed Range


Model No: DCG180ZC

18v 800ml Cordless Caulking Gun

Anti-Drip Function, Variable Speed


Model No: DGA519Z

18v Cordless Angle Grinder with X-Lock Technology

Two-Stage Safety Paddle Switch, Electric Brake, Variable Speed, Soft Start


Model No: DPO600Z

18v 6" Random Orbit Polisher

Variable Speed, Soft Start, Constant Speed Control


Model No: DKP181Z

18v 3-1/4" Planer

Electric Brake, AWS, ADT


Model No: DUC400PG2

18Vx2 Battery Positioning for Optimum Balance

Fast, Variable Speed(3,940 Feet Per Minute) Equivalent to a 30cc Gasoline Chainsaw


Model No: DUC356PG2

18Vx2 Top handle Chainsaw 

Fast, Variable Speed (0-3940 Feet Per Minute).

Equivalent to a 30cc Gasoline Chainsaw


Model No: DBS180Z

18V 3/8" x 21" Belt Sander

Variable Speed, Electric Brake


Model No: DTM52ZX1

18v Toolless Multi Tool

Toolless Quick Change Accessory Mounting System

Tool Only

Model No: DUB184RT

18v Variable Speed Control Blower

459 CFM and 116 MPH


Makita Electric Tools

Model No: 9741

4-3/4" Wheel Sander

Model No: BO5041K

5" Random Orbit Sander

Variable Speed,  Hook and Loop Pad

Model No: BO6030

6" Random Orbit Sander

Variable Speed, Professional Grade, Hook and Loop Pad

Model No: 9237CX1

7" Electronic Sander / Polisher

Soft Start, Electronic Speed Control, Variable Speed.

Model No: 9565PCV

5" Angle Grinder

SJS Technology, Variable Speed, Two Stage Safety Paddle Switch 

Model No: JR3070CT

Reciprocating Saw

Anti-Vibration Technology, Variable Speed

Model No: RP2301FC

3-1/2hp Plunge Router

Electronic Speed Control, Electric Brake, Variable Speed

Model No: VC4210L

L Class Dust Extractor 42.0L

Portable, Efficient Dust Extraction Technology L Class Wet/Dry Dust Extractor


Model No: 7104L

Chain Mortiser

Notches or Cuts holes in thick wood stock quickly, cleanly and accurately

Model No: EA7900PRFE

20" / 78.5cc Environment-Friendly 2-Stroke Chainsaw with Winter Operation Mode

SLR + Decompression Valve + Winter Mode

Model No: EA6100PRGE

21"/60.7cc 2-Stroke Chainsaw

SAS + Easy Start + Winter Mode

21"/60.7cc Environment-Friendly 2-Stroke Chainsaw with Easy Start and Winter Operation Mode

Model No: EA5600FREE

18"/55.6cc 2-Stroke Chainsaw

SAS + Easy Start + Winter Mode

18" 55.6cc Environment-Friendly 2-stroke Chainsaw With Easy Start and Winter Mode