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SPAX® Power Lags :: XWL312 Series T-Star Washer Head PowerLag®
SPAX® Power Lags :: XTM312 Series T-Star Washer Head  PowerLag
SPAX® PowerLags®

SPAX® PowerLags® bring a new level of fastening efficiency and reliability to log home and timber frame construction. Engineered for demanding wood-to-wood structural applications, SPAX® PowerLags® feature patented thread serrations eliminating the need for pre-drilling and dramatically increase installation speed. SPAX XWL Series and XTM Series PowerLags® are also code listed and load rated, so you can be assured of the reliability of the assembly. The two head styles available.


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EMSEAL Log home Sealant Tape

Emseal classic log home sealant is a self-adhering tape seal made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion



Logs and Siding

Cottage Round siding is a lap siding that is 2 (1 3/8) inch thick and comes in:
6 inch 4 
7/8 inch stack height.
8 inch 6 5/8 inch stack height
10 inch 8 3/4 inch stack height sizes. 
Cottage Round is available in #1 and 2 grade or in a #3 grade pine.    

Match V
is a 2 by 10 inch tongue and groove pine siding that matches our Pioneer logs.  This 1 3/4 inch thick siding has a stack height of 8 7/8 inches.  A single tongue and grove helps keep this siding tight to your wall.  A 45 degree cut gives you a 5/8 inch deep by 1 1/4 inch for a beautiful chink line. 

Texas V is a 2 by 12 inch tongue and groove pine siding.